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Give & Track Donations In 3 Easy Steps!

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Step 1: Make A Donation

into your GiveClear fund.

Use your bank account, credit card, write a cheque or give marketable securities and receive a tax receipt right away, while having the flexibility to select charities in your own time.

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Step 2: Designate The Funds

you choose when and where to give.

Choose from over 86,000 registered charities in Canada. Use GiveClear to donate to your existing charities while being exposed to new and exciting opportunities. Don’t see anything at the moment? You can choose to wait until you find the right fit.

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Step 3: Track Your Giving

view your local, national & global impact

Track all of your donations in one place and by donating to a GiveClear project receive detailed information on how your gift is invested along with status updates on the project’s progress and its impact.

Why Use GiveClear?

  • Make & manage all of your donations in one place. Receive a tax receipt right away or choose a consolidated receipt at the end of the year.
  • Donations can be made to any Canadian Registered Charity.
  • Donate to a project & be a part of it. Watch it come to life through updates, photos, videos and detailed financials.
  • Reduce administrative costs for your charity of choice allowing them to focus on maximizing their impact.
  • Maximize your donor dollars by giving to a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with a Giving Fund of over $250,000.
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Local, National & Global Impact

What Inspires You?

Donate to any of the 86,000+
registered charities in Canada

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GiveClear Projects

When you sign-up for GiveClear you will gain access to verified projects that are tailored to your giving interests. Each project will have detailed information including goals, photos, budgets, progress and impact updates.