How It Works

Donate, Designate, Track Your Giving

Step 1: Making A Donation

You can contribute to your Giving Fund by credit card, ETF, e-transfer, or by sending a cheque or wire transfer to GiveClear. Credit card payments and e-transfers can be made directly from the website or mobile application* - you can even schedule recurring contributions!

When you make a contribution to a Giving Fund, you are making a donation to GiveClear Foundation. GiveClear then sets aside the money to a dedicated Donor Advised Fund. A contribution to a Donor Advised Fund is immediately tax deductible, regardless of when the donated funds are distributed from the account to other charities.

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Making A Donation To Your GiveClear Fund

Step 2: Designating The Funds

Time to have fun! Find what inspires or speaks to you and give. Once you've made your allocation to a Donor Advised Fund you can choose to allocate funds right away or wait until later when you have more time to find the right fit. Give to any registered Canadian charity or to a GiveClear project. You choose when, where and whether it's a one-time donation or a recurring donation from your GiveClear fund.

Have Kids? Make It A Family Affair

Take part together as a family! Getting children involved in choosing where the funds go is a fantastic way for them to take ownership and experience the power of giving. If you choose a GiveClear project you will receive updates including photos and videos so you can experience the impact of your giving together.

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