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A Clear Picture Of Your Giving

In order to help you find trusted charities, GiveClear collaborates with various Canadian Registered Charities to feature projects. These projects allow you to experience the impact of your giving by gaining a clear picture of how your donations are utilized and their impact by providing you with:

  • Specific goals and project outcomes
  • Funding progress
  • The project plan and budget breakdown
  • The story detailing the need and significance of the specific project to the community.
  • Progress updates that may include photos and videos of your donations at work.

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Example of a GiveClear project that's fighting malnutrition

How Do GiveClear Projects Work?

Project gifts provide a deeper level of transparency into what is being done with your money. When you donate to a project, you can follow it for as long as it runs, and see for yourself the impact of your gift.

  1. View the various projects available through your GiveClear fund. Make a donation to the project of your choice through your GiveClear account.
  2. Once you have made your gift, the money will be transferred to the sponsoring charity as a restricted gift to this project. The charity is not allowed to use the money for any other purpose.
  3. After the project starts, you will receive updates from the charity on how the project is tracking to its plan and whether it is accomplishing what it set out to do. Videos, photos and reports are all ways an organization may illustrate the project's progress.
Project updates page with videos, pictures and informaiton

Please Note: The projects that you see on GiveClear are undertaken by other charities, and have not been commissioned or directed by GiveClear Foundation in any way. They are reflections of the normal activities of the charities themselves.